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Prescriber Data You Can Depend On

Process Cleaner Claims

Ensure consistent data accuracy with up-to-date and complete prescriber data and save time and money by processing claims right the first time.


Reduce Fraud & Waste

Reduce your risk associated with unknowingly processing inaccurate claims by leveraging the same prescriber data as CMS. And improve your operational effciencies by reducing manual work associated with resolving claims issues


Ensure Compliance

Reduce your risk of failed-audits and non-compliance with accurate prescriber data and help your organization generate more predictable revenue that won’t get recouped through even the toughest audits.

 HCIdea® Works for You

Single, Trusted Data Source

Leveraging more than 2,100 different data sources and patented autoverification technology1, HCIdea® offers the industry’s most robust source for prescriber data with 2.5 million Type I (individual) and Type II2 (practicing locations) prescribers and comprehensive prescriber profiles.

Flexible Integration

HCIdea® makes it super-simple for you to integrate prescriber data directly into your existing systems – no need to change vendors or systems. Or use HCIdea® to augment your existing database to get more accurate and complete data.

1 AutoVerifi ™ is a patented Medversant technology (US Patent Numbers 7,529,682; 8,131,558; 8,620,676; 8,850,304; 10,686,772)
2 Additional fees may apply