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Accurate Prescriber Data for the Healthcare Technology Industry

Ensure Data Quality and Integrity

Single, authoritative source for accurate prescriber data enables your organization to monitor and report data quality issues and provides the necessary insight needed to maintain data integrity and obtain quality assurance.


Improve Business Processes

Streamline and improve business processes with the flexible HCIdea® file that is super-simple to integrate directly into your systems and allows you to stay ahead with reduced costs and optimal efficiency.


Meet and Exceed Compliance Standards

With virtually every healthcare related solution requiring some form of compliance, it's critical to know which prescribers are authorized to peform different functions. It's also important to have accurate demographic information to comply with federal and manufacturer requirements.

 HCIdea® Works for You

Real-Time, Autoverified Data

HCIdea® utilizes Medversant’s patented meta-data, AutoVerifi™1 technology for proven accuracy to ensure it is the most complete, timely and accurate database in the marketplace. Plus, HCIdea® records and stores source information to create a complete data audit trail to help minimize disputes.

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Comprehensive, Authoritative Data Source

HCIdea® is a comprehensive, authoritative database that combines 2.5M Type I (individual) and Type II2 (practicing locations) prescribers; and prescriber profiles, including DEA, NPI, multiple practice locations, state licenses, taxonomy, prescriptive authority, specialty and more.

1 AutoVerifi ™ is a patented Medversant technology (US Patent Numbers 7,529,682; 8,131,558; 8,620,676; 8,850,304; 10,686,772)
2 Additional fees may apply