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Real-Time, Up-to-Date Data Solutions

Say goodbye to out-of-date prescriber information that causes delayed payments or failed audits. Use our 24/7 HCIdea® LookUp Tool Pro to simplify prescriber verification. And, we’re so confident in our data that we offer unlimited, free corrections.


Single, Authoritative Database

Maintaining complete and accurate prescriber data is what we do all day every day! Our HCIdea® database offers you the highest level of prescriber data integrity in authoritative flat files delivered weekly or monthly.


Improving The Bottom Line

Consistent data accuracy improves operational efficiencies by reducing manual work associated with resolving claims issues. And by reducing your risk of processing inaccurate claims and related fines, you can generate more predictable revenue.

How  HCIdea® Works

Comprehensive, Continuously Verified Data

By leveraging more 4,000 different data sources, HCIdea® offers over 3.7M Type I (individual) and Type II2 (practicing locations) prescribers in easily integratable flat files format.

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Flexible Platform Integration

"NCPDP is a trusted data partner and the HCIdea® prescriber database was integral in helping us solve our critical data accuracy challenges and complete our data governance program." ~

Source:  PBM Senior Director Enterprise Data Governance during PBMI Webinar "Understanding the Hidden Risks of Inaccurate Data".