Game changers in data integrity

Data integrity is essential for operational efficiency and optimal bottom line results. Using Medversant’s patented AutoVerifi* technology, NCPDP’s HCIdea® database now offers you the highest level of prescriber data integrity to support your healthcare business success.

AutoVerifi* is the only prescriber database management technology in the industry that electronically and automatically accesses, verifies and updates prescriber information from thousands of primary and authoritative sources.

Winning strategies

  • Unlike stagnant database environments that rely on reactive algorithms and individuals to manually verify data throughout the year, AutoVerifi uses advanced algorithms to reduce false positives and negatives in matching/merging complex data.
  • Unlike other data suppliers that rely on claims scrubbing and time-consuming periodic phone calls, as well as web crawling to harvest and verify data, HCIdea now continuously and automatically, in real time, accesses and updates prescriber data.
  • With autoverification, HCIdea eliminates human error from the verification process and improves the frequency, timeliness and completeness of data updates to ensure maximum accuracy.

Complete auditability

As real-time updates are captured from over 2,100 primary and authoritative data sources to identify, validate and resolve conflicting and discrepant data elements, the source information along with time and date of updates is recorded and stored to create a complete data audit trail.

We are transparent about our data sources and updates. As an HCIdea subscriber, you never have to wonder where your data is coming from or how often it is updated.

* AutoVerifi is a patented Medversant technology (US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)

* AutoVerifi™ is a patented Medversant technology
(US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)