With more than 1.1 million modifications being made each month to prescriber data*, it’s critical for you to understand the financial, compliance and operational risks your organization faces due to outdated prescriber data. Hear from industry leaders NCPDP and Express Scripts as they discuss the impact that inaccurate and incomplete prescriber data can have on your bottom line.

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HCIdea Improves Your Organization’s Prescriber Data Quality:

  • 2.5M Type I (individual) and Type II* (practicing locations) prescribers.
  • HCID unique prescriber number that links prescribers with multiple practice locations and licenses, aiding in prescriber identification.
  • Comprehensive prescriber profiles: DEA, NPI, Multiple practice locations, state licenses, taxonomy, prescriptive authority, specialty and more.
  • And much more!

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* NCPDP Data Integrity Team, July 2017
**Additional fees may apply.