HCIdea® Frequently Asked Questions

What is prescriber data?

Prescriber data is healthcare information that accurately identifies healthcare providers who can write prescriptions. HCIdea prescriber data goes beyond physician listings for medical doctors and doctors of osteopathic medicine; it also includes naturopaths, chiropractors, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, optometrists, podiatrists and others authorized to prescribe.

How many prescribers are in the HCIdea database?

HCIdea contains pristine data on more than 2 million prescribers. To uphold our reputation as the trusted source for prescriber data, the HCIdea database includes only those providers with authorization to prescribe medications, pharmacy supplies, or medical devices. By combining our selective business rules, authority data sources, patented autoverification technology, and healthcare expertise we bring unmatched value to our subscribers.

What is autoverification technology?

HCIdea uses a patented autoverification technology that electronically and automatically accesses, verifies and updates prescriber information from thousands of primary and authoritative source authorities.

Does HCIdea provide any discounts?

No, at this time, NCPDP is not offering any discounts.

How much does HCIdea cost?

Licensing agreements for the HCIdea Relational Database vary depending upon file type and frequency of delivery. To obtain an estimate, complete our Request Information Form and one of NCPDP’s product knowledge experts will work with you to determine your specific needs and costs associated with the acquisition of the data file.

The HCIdea LookUp Tool and LookUp Tool Pro offer different pricing packages, according to your prescriber data needs and number of users. The LookUp Tool can be purchased online through accesshcidea.ncpdp.org.

What deliverables are available to subscribers of HCIdea?

There are multiple deliverables available to our subscribers. NCPDP offers Monthly Full, Monthly transactional, Weekly Full, Weekly transactional, By File or By Record options for our subscribers.

How many tables are included in your data?

HCIdea includes 18 tables of physician and other prescriber demographics, such as:

  • Address with multiple practice locations
  • NPI
  • DEA, drug schedule and renewal dates
  • Multiple state license numbers & renewal dates
  • Birth date
  • Telephone
  • Taxonomy
  • Specialty
  • Surescripts Provider Identifier (SPI)*

* Only organizations that have a valid NCPDP# receive the SPI number. All other subscribers obtain an indicator of Y/N

* AutoVerifi™ is a patented Medversant technology
(US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)