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Technology Vendors-

HCIdea® means better business for technology vendors

Prescriber information is ever-changing and difficult to keep current. Obtaining the most accurate, up-to-date and complete prescriber information will help technology vendors identify new opportunities to expand market share, while improving the bottom line.

Don't allow prescriber errors, constant changes, and internal systems and processes to challenge and defeat your organization. HCIdea® provides the industry's cleanest prescriber data, using patented AutoVerifi technology, allowing you to stay ahead with reduced costs and optimal operational efficiency.

HCIdea will help you to:

  • Streamline and improve business processes
  • Minimize disputes
  • Monitor and report data quality issues
  • Comply with state and federal standards
  • Improve design workflow
  • Obtain quality assurance

Contact a representative at or call 480.477.1000 to see how HCIdea can improve your business success.

* AutoVerifi™ is a patented Medversant technology
(US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)