Better data means better business. Why wouldn't you equip your business with the industry’s most accurate prescriber data? HCIdea® will deliver that quality, made possible through state-of-the-art, patented autoverification technology. If you’re involved in pharmacy services, whether you're a pharmacy, payer, processor, manufacturer or system vendor, HCIdea will give you a business advantage.

Overall benefits of using HCIdea’s clean data include more efficient operations, more efficient claims processing, fewer rejected claims, faster reimbursement, increased revenue, improved regulatory compliance, and less fraud and abuse. Because the activities and challenges of each market segment are a little different, the benefits for each segment may be a little different.

Find out how HCIdea will work for your business.

* AutoVerifi™ is a patented Medversant technology
(US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)