Ensuring compliance with government regulations

Accurate prescriber data is a must-have these days to stay compliant with government regulations. HCIdea® uses patented autoverification technology with primary and approved authoritative sources to equip you with incomparable, compliance grade data accuracy. HCIdea enables your organization to quickly identify and fix errors that can result in costly fines, and allows you to focus on running your business efficiently.

For example, the recently enacted Sunshine Act requires manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, biologic medical products, medical devices and medical supplies to report any payments, gifts or other transfers of value given to physicians or teaching hospitals ("covered recipients"). Preparedness for Sunshine Act requires disclosure and transparency to make sure all stakeholders are staying in compliance.

HCIdea provides you with prescriber' NPI and DEA numbers and state license information in real-time to verify practitioners for compliance with the Sunshine Act and other state and federal monitoring and reporting requirements. NCPDP provides multiple options for your needs through integration of the full HCIdea relational database or use of the LookUp Tool.

The HCIdea LookUp Tool helps you to stay compliant with:

  • 24/7 online access to Type 1 prescribers for data critical to Sunshine Act reporting
  • Real-time search capabilities of prescribers NPI and DEA numbers, multiple state licenses and demographic information
  • Up-to-date data and license history for review and auditing purposes
  • Ability to comply with regulatory mandates

Make the smart move to HCIdea.

Contact a representative at hcideainfo@ncpdp.org or call 480.477.1000 to see how HCIdea can help you remain compliant.

* AutoVerifi™ is a patented Medversant technology
(US Patent Numbers 7,529,682 and 8,131,558)