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Prescriber Data You Can Depend On

Expedite Reimbursement

Anytime, real-time access to accurate prescriber data with the HCIdea®  LookUp Tool Pro helps reduce errors and enables you to quickly validate and authenticate prescribers.


Improve Customer Service

Customer trust and confidence are key to remaining competitive and capturing repeat business. Timely, accurate prescriber data gives your pharmacists the tools they need to reduce claims processing errors and grow your business.


Faster Prescriber Identification

The HCIdea® LookUp Tool Pro simplifies prescriber data details and organizes and displays everything you need, including NPI, DEA* and UPIN numbers, in one easy-to-read page.  HCIdea® ’s unique prescriber number (HCID) references multiple practice locations and licenses, aiding in prescriber identification and ePrescribing authentication and validation.

 HCIdea® LookUp Tool Pro Works for You

24/7, Real-Time Accurate Prescriber Data

The HCIdea® LookUp Tool Pro provide 24/7 online access to the most accurate prescriber information available. Easily search for prescriber details, browse additional prescribers located at the same address and gain faster NPI and confirm DEA* number, all organized and displayed neatly on one page. And with unlimited use, you can use the tool as much or as little as you need.

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Robust Search Capabilities

Cut your prescriber data research time in half with the HCIdea® LookUp Tool Pro. Search for prescribers by name, geographic location, NPI, DEA*, or UPIN numbers, specialty, sub-specialty, gender or county.  Save up to 10 searches with search parameters you commonly use for faster searching.  With this easy-to-use tool, get exactly the information you need in a simplified format. 

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*DEA information is available upon successful entry by user of a valid DEA number